Freedom Saddle

Freedom Saddle is designed for maximum comfort of the horse & rider.

"Knowledge makes the difference"

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Thank you for your interest in the Freedom Gaited Horse Saddle. Freedom Saddle has an exclusive design that allows your gaited horse to work with Free movement in total comfort. Many years of research to improve the design of the tree is the reason our saddle works so well. Users of the Freedom Saddle constantly report that it out performs other solid bar, flex bar, flex panel and treeless saddles. we owe a special thanks to top gaited horseman, trainer, and clinician, Larry Whitesell, for his major design contribution and endorsement of the Freedom Saddle.

The Freedom Saddle features a balanced ride seat, correct positioning of the stirrups to help the rider achieve and maintain a centered seat. A balanced seat or centered riding position has always been the ultimate in the trotting horse world. It is now proving to be the way to get your gaited horse achieving its best gait in comfort with no negative side effects. Riding in a balanced seat using good posture also keeps the rider more comfortable and is less fatiguing on both horse and rider.

The Freedom Saddle comes in three basic models, the Freedom Trail (no horn), Freedom West (pleasure horn), Freedom Wade (roping horn), and a varied list of options to let you design your custom saddle. Freedom Saddles are handmade with top quality materials with custom features not found in assembly line saddles. Click on Freedom Advantage for full details.

Freedom Saddles have been in development over 10 years and the company backing them over 30 years servicing the gaited horse industry. We are a small business that is known for quality and customer service with an uncommon knowledge of how to apply our products. Our knowledge comes from continually working with gaited horses, top trainers, and other professionals in the equine industry.

As you peruse the Freedom Saddle web site please make note of any questions you might have and email us or call us at 1-888-454-3672 or 918-243-7277.